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The Story of Denver’s Missing Tiffany Stained Glass Window

On 07, Feb 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass | By dsgadmin

In 1910, one of Denver’s most influential industrialists had a home built for his family in the downtown area of the city. The house was constructed on the corner of 8th Avenue and Grant and, being 36 rooms large, was nothing short of impressive. Among other fine things, the home was equipped with a magnificent custom chandelier, beautiful wall hangings, and custom fixtures. A long stairway lead up to the front doors of the home, creating a grand entrance. But perhaps the most remarkable feature was the three section Tiffany stained glass window in the Denver home.

Numerous photos document the existence of the beautiful stained glass and its intricate detail. Old as the photographs are, there are no denying the stained glass’ incredible beauty and craftsmanship. The stained glass was not only a defining characteristic of the home, but also the surrounding neighborhood. That’s why when the beautiful artwork was discovered to have gone missing, people were shocked. How could such a large fixture suddenly vanish into thin air? Thus began the search for Denver’s mysterious missing Tiffany stained glass.

denver tiffany stained glass

photo credit: Denver Post

What Happened to the Famous Stained Glass Windows?

According to an article by the Denver Post, the Moffat mansion was sold sometime in the 1930’s to a company called the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association. The AHEPA used the building for quite some time for their business affairs until about 30 years later. Eventually, they decided to knock the building down build a modern office structure on the same lot. This was back in the 1960’s.

However, it was not until later that the stained glass disappeared. A photograph taken in 1973 shows that the stained glass had been preserved and reinstalled in the new commercial building.

But if you visit this location today, you will not find the famous stained glass. Instead, you will see what looks like an apartment building with ordinary windows. The building is exactly the same as the office structure photographed in 1973, but the antique stained glass is missing.

The Search Continues

To this date, the famous Tiffany stained glass window from the old Denver mansion has not yet been recovered. Like many great works of art, its story remains a mystery. Why was it removed? Who commissioned the act? Many questions remain. Only time will tell if the stained glass has been kept alive and where it has been hiding all of these years.

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