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Hallway / Stairway Stained or Leaded Glass Can Provide Privacy for Your Denver Home

On 12, Oct 2017 | No Comments | In Stained Glass | By dsgadmin

Did you know that in the last thirty years, the population of Colorado has grown by 145 percent? And as more and more people move to Denver, neighborhoods are becoming more compact with the homes being built more closely together which is creating less privacy for many families. But luckily here at Denver Stained Glass, we have a solution. Hallway/stairway stained or leaded glass can provide privacy for your Denver home and ease the discomfort for your guests and family.

What are the benefits of hallway/stairway stained glass?

You may be wondering at this point, why stained glass for privacy? Won’t any old blinds or curtains work just as well and be an easier solution? Well, true. Using some sort of window covering can help add privacy to your home windows. But the problem with blinds and other window coverings is that they block out the abundant natural light that most hallways and stairways need to keep them from being dark and hard to see in. Plus, blinds can be difficult or awkward to open if they’re in a hard to reach place like above a stairway.

But with stained glass, you can still enjoy plenty of natural light in your home. Stained glass has a certain texture that allows it to distort views and make windows hard to see in. But unlike blinds and curtains, it doesn’t block out the views completely. With stained glass in your hallway, you can still enjoy the bright sunny Colorado days when you’re indoors in your home.

Not to mention, stained glass just looks more appealing and inviting. It’s been used by dozens of interior designers and decorators to create a high end look in craftsman homes and luxury properties. Plus, there’s something so captivating about the way it shines and filters light. And with a stained glass window, you get to take part in deciding its look and appearance.

Contact Us for Custom Hallway Stained Glass in Denver!

And the beauty is that you can get started on your stained glass design right now today! Just give us a call and we’ll send one of our designers over to your home to get started on some drafts and ideas. Let us show you just how beautiful your home can be with stained glass. Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation!