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Stained Glass

What Do The Stained Glass Windows On Your Denver Church Signify?

On 27, Feb 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass | By dsgadmin

Stained Glass And Its Symbolic Meanings

Stained glass on churches here in Denver, as you know, is absolutely lovely. Throughout the city in churches and chapels large and small, stained glass graces these houses of God. However, what many people don’t understand about stained glass in cathedrals and churches here in Denver and around the world is– the glass designs and even colors have very deep meaning. That’s right, almost all stained glass in churches is symbolic of other things. So besides being beautiful, the stained glass has meaning too. So what does the stained glass in your Denver church represent? Read below to find out more.

Why Symbols And Colors Were Used On Stained Glass

In cathedrals around the world and here in Denver there are symbols everywhere–including stained glass. While they obviously are beautiful, they also were used because poor people in the very distant past, were unable to read. Therefore by using pictures, symbols, and colors, the clergy was able to easily give spiritual education to the commoners. In fact, stained glass windows were called “ The Bible of the Poor” because they were so heavily involved in instructing illiterate peasants. However, even after reading became widespread, these symbols and colors, already cemented in their meaning, continued to be used as choices to convey a spiritual message.

Common Stained Glass Symbols And Colors And Their Meaning

Jesus:  Lifelike images, crosses, lambs, shepherds

The Holy Spirit: flames, winds, a white dove

The Saints: a man or woman; symbols associated with them, the manner in which they were martyred him or her

Virgin Mary: A female figure often wearing blue, the color blue


Stained Glass Color Symbolism

Black: Death
Blue: Heavenly Love, Virgin
Brown: Death
Grey: Mourning, Humility
Green: Spring, Charity, Life over death
Purple: Royalty God The Father
Red: Love, Hate, Martyred
Violet: Love, Truth, Passion, Suffering
White/Gold: Innocence, Holiness
Yellow: Jealousy, Treason, Deceit

If your Denver church has stained glass that you would like to restore, repair and ultimately preserve for the next generation, contact us at Denver Stained Glass today!