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Religious And Church Stained Glass

Things You Should Know When Exploring Restoring Your Denver Church Stained Glass Windows

The religious stained glass restoration process can be both time consuming and rigorous. This multi-step process can take up to two months, depending on the size and damage involved in each project. It is important for everyone in Denver exploring the stained glass restoration process to understand the various complexities required that inevitably increase restoration cost as well as antique equity value.

Interesting Components of Church Stained Glass Restoration

Proper restoration requires the removal of your church stained glass window. We carefully transport your stained glass back to our repair studio and temporarily board or install window replacements if necessary. Once your stained glass arrives, we soak your stained glass panels for up to two weeks in a proprietary soap blend in order to remove all the dirt buildup and impurities from the last century. This process also enables us to take your stained glass apart to restore each individual piece.

Painted glass is a technique that’s been utilized throughout many antique stained glass pieces. We’re able to replicate painted glass through two different restoration techniques. We can match a colored piece of glass and paint with black paint, creating line work and shading. The glass is then baked in our kiln between 1200 and 1450 degrees until the paint melts and bonds with the glass. The other painted glass technique we use for restoration is utilizing clear glass and applying colored paint in layers. We bake the glass after each subsequent layer, creating optimal portraits and landscapes. Our restoration experts are also expert painters, capable of replicating any painted glass technique.

Completing Religious Stained Glass Restoration

Once each piece of your religious stained glass is replicated and restored, we create new leading and rebuild the window. We utilize a black cement that’s forced into every crack, adding further durability for the next century. Your congregation will be stunned by the fresh, sparkling new look of your stained glass windows!

If you have any questions regarding Denver church stained glass restoration or would like to schedule an on-site consultation, give us a call: (720) 509-1919