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How Long Does it Take to Restore Stained Glass in Denver Churches?

As the religious stained glass housed in Denver churches begins to reach the age bracket of 75 to 100 years old, it’s time for church owners to consider restoration before permanent damage occurs. Religious stained glass can play a key role in the worship process, providing your congregation with powerful imagery and symbolism. Stained glass restoration is a comprehensive process that can restore your stained glass to its original glory while adding another century to its lifespan for future generations to treasure.

Denver Church Stained Glass Restoration Timeline

Every stained glass restoration begins with an on-site consultation completed by our local stained glass artisans. This assessment is completed in a day in order to determine how many windows require restoration in addition to underlying causes of deterioration, cost-benefit analysis, and projected cost of restoration. Once Denver church owners have decided to begin the restoration process, we transport your stained glass back to our studio where it begins to soak in our proprietary soap blend for up to two weeks. This soap bath ensures all dirt buildup is removed while enabling our stained glass artisans to gently remove the stained glass piece-by-piece. The next step can take up to two weeks– we restore or replace every damaged piece of glass from our inventory of over 10,000 stained glass pieces. We also replace the lead came responsibility with a lead and tin mixture. The stained glass is set with black cement that reinforces structural integrity. One stained glass restoration can take up to a month.

Scottish Stained Glass Intro from Denver Stained Glass on Vimeo.

Reinstallation of Your Denver Church Stained Glass

Once your religious stained glass is properly restored, we carefully transport it back to your church for reinstallation. In certain cases, we reinstall with additional reinforcement support bars that are in the exact shape of the lead came or with a piece of reinforcement glass. You and your congregation will be stunned by the luminous beauty of your restored religious stained glass.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your Denver church, please contact us or call: (720) 509-1919