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Stained Glass Repair And Restoration

Getting Started With Stained Glass Restoration in Denver’s Historic Buildings

On 20, Jul 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By dsgadmin

The jury is in: your stained glass needs some professional attention. All stained glass windows need professional care from time to time, whether it’s a good cleaning to restore the clarity of the glass or an actual restoration for repairing major damage.

Usually, restoration needs to be undertaken when stained glass reaches an age of 50-75 years old. In Denver, many historic buildings with stained glass like those in Congress Park and Capitol Hill are reaching the point where they need to be worked on.

But, if you’re like most of the general population, you’re not a stained glass expert yourself. Even if you know that your windows need repair, you probably don’t know where to start. Below, we’ve provided some information on how to get started with stained glass restoration for Denver historic building owners.

What to Do If Your Windows Are Damaged

Most stained glass windows are restored when they become old and start to fall apart naturally. However, sometimes unexpected events occur and windows are damaged suddenly and severely. This is usually due to vandalism or weather.

In this case, you want to keep any pieces of glass or leading that have fallen out; don’t throw anything away. Then, contact a repair professional immediately. Stained glass with missing pieces degrades quickly. If you don’t have the repairs done soon, you could lose the whole window forever.

How to Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration

Any changes in the appearance of your stained glass should be noted and addressed. It’s best to get stained glass restoration done in Denver sooner rather than later. Here are some steps you can take for getting started:

  • 1. Perform a self inspection. Check for cracks, cloudiness, and gaps.
  • 2. Look around for a stained glass studio in your area and ask if they provide restoration services.
  • 3. Check online reviews and references before signing a contract. Schedule a time for a meet and greet in person.
  • Get More Information

    By following the steps above, you can get well on your way to having your stained glass safely restored in Denver. For more information, please contact our office.