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Examining Frank Lloyd Wright’s Contribution to Stained Glass Creation

On 02, May 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Design & Styles | By dsgadmin

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of America’s most prolific and inspiring architectural designers. But he did far more than create houses that integrated elements of the natural world seamlessly. He also contributed to the growth and popularity of residential stained glass. This type of artwork was traditionally reserved for small decorative touches around the house, but he saw more potential. Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass became works of art in their own right.

A Closer Look at Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass

Here are a few fun facts about Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass from our Denver experts.

He Drew Inspiration from Japan

Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass aimed to open up the space. He loved the way the Japanese architecture integrated natural light and opened up to the outdoors with the push of a screen. He used the same clean lines common in Japanese buildings with his dark lead borders. And his earthy color palette created the air of nature inside even when the window was closed.

Over Time, the Designs Became More Intricate

As he progressed in his career, Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass went from having a Japanese-inspired natural aesthetic to more contemporary designs. He continued to make use of thick dark lines, but started creating windows echoing the trends common in Art Deco architecture.

His color palette shifted as well. He stopped relying on earth tones and started incorporating more vibrant colors into his work. Rich golds, blues, reds, and deep greens take center stage in his later work, bringing art to life with natural light. These are the types of windows so sought after and mimicked in modern architecture today.

Wright was an Artist

The most important thing to remember when evaluating his contribution to stained glass creations is that Wright was an artist. He looked for ways to create beauty in simplicity and incorporate the natural world indoors.

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