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Synagogue & Temple Stained Glass

Religious stained glass is one of our passions. Custom stained glass for synagogues, Jewish temples, and even for Hindu or Islamic temples is a specialized art. We do custom stained glass windows and doors for all types of religious institutions, and we know that they each have their own needs.

When it comes to synagogues and temples, they have a long history of stained glass art in their sanctuaries and other areas. We will work together with the rabbi, or the building committee, to develop the type of custom artwork they envision for their house of worship.

For many Jewish temples, stained glass depicts scenes from the Old Testament. For instance, we recently completed a series of six windows, showing the 6 days of creation. Each window showed a different scene from this Biblical origin story.

Whether a temple is orthodox, reform, conservative, or any other kind, we can create the perfect stained glass windows. Our experience with religious stained glass is extensive, and we have done many restorations on antique religious stained glass. We are always honored to work on these projects, which give us the opportunity to study and appreciate the works of the stained glass masters who came before us. If you already have temple stained glass that is antique, or requires repair or restoration, please contact us as soon as possible. The lead holding a stained glass window together can start to deteriorate over time, so the window should be assessed and restored as soon as any damage or concern is noted, before the problems get worse and more costly to restore.

Church Stained Glass Denver

Synagogue and temple stained glass can be traditional, featuring Biblical scenes, or more modern perhaps featuring an icon such as the Star of David, an olive branch, or any other symbology. They can be scenes referencing the Holy Land. Or they can be quite modern, using dramatic geometric designs that do not tell a story in the same way, but add the same kind of beautiful light and inspiration to a religious service.

Working together with a designer from Denver Stained Glass by Scottish Stained Glass, you can tell us exactly what you want. If we can sketch it, we can build it. We will work within your budget, creating the most beautiful stained glass.

Our religious synagogue and temple stained glass is crafted with great reverence and attention to detail, using a combination of modern computer design, the most modern materials, yet traditional hand-building techniques.

We provide temple stained glass that is built not just to last a century or more, but to inspire and uplift everyone who sees it. For more information about custom designed religious stained glass for temples, schuls, synagogues, sanctuaries, or any other house of worship, we hope you will contact us today.