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Find Out Here If Your Denver Church’s Stained Glass Need Restoration?

On 01, Feb 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Religious And Church Stained Glass | By dsgadmin

Stained Glass Is Durable But  Older Glass Still Needs Restoration And Repair

Stained glass is a strong and durable material which is tinted with paints, pigments, and dyes making it the perfect medium for adorning churches and chapels and lasting for a long time.  However, simply because stained glass is durable, does not mean it will not eventually need restoration or repairs. History tells us, church stained glass windows should be repaired or restored every 80-100 years. It is around this time the caming, wood frame, grout and glass begin to fail.  If caught early, the window will last another 10 years before needing more repairs. If your church houses stained glass and you are wondering if it may soon need repair, review our guide below. We point out surefire signs of disrepair to look for on your chapel’s stained glass and give you advice on how to keep it looking lovely and intact for the next generation of your congregation.

Gaps In Your Church’s Stained Glass Window That Show Daylight

A clear sign that it is time to have a restoration done on your Denver church stained glass are gaps of visible light shining through the frame between the leading or glass pieces. Whether large or small this type of wear and tear must be addressed because these gaps mean the lead is stretched and structurally unsound and that the surrounding glass panels are no longer held securely in place. You risk the possibility of a piece of glass falling out of the window, so a stained glass professional should be brought in to take a look.

Buckling, Bowing And Sagging Of Your Church’s Stained Glass

If the stained glass windows in your church are buckling, bowing, bulging or sagging, you could be risking an actual collapse.  A worst-case scenario we know– but not unheard of. Any falling glass is bad glass and it could harm parishioners. This type of damage is not from the glass failing but rather from the wood frame, expanding and contracting over time.  This type of movement causes the frame to lose strength and takes a big toll on the lead caming– causing it to bend and lose strength as well. This is an issue that needs to be repaired soon to immediately by a professional.

Chips And Cracks In Your Church’s Stained Glass

The most common repair to church stained glass windows and the least dangerous are the chips and cracks in the glass. A fix like this is not pressing but affects the beauty and luster of your church’s stained glass. Keep in mind that cracks could also be an indication that the glass is under stress–mean the frame could fail.  So, if you notice cracks getting bigger or increasingly popping up, contact a professional stained glass repair company like us at Denver Stained Glass.