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Learning How to Interpret Church Stained Glass Biblical Messages

On 03, Oct 2018 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Religious And Church Stained Glass | By dsgadmin

While it may seem as though the powerful biblical messaging found within many stained glass pieces may be simplistic in nature often showcasing biblical figures, passages from the Bible, and biblical scenes, there’s actually even more symbolism that can found within the colors used. There are also many hidden symbols that represent powerful messages that can be found within Medieval stained glass windows.

Understanding the Meaning of Historical Religious Stained Glass

Medieval stained glass artisans demonstrated different ideas and messages. Kings and members of the royal family would be depicted much larger than other people depicted in order to show their importance. Biblical figures had halos painted into stained glass features to clearly identify their relevance. Gold leaf or gold halos would be used to signify wealth among these figures. Colors also play a major role in symbolism– the color red is often used to represent Jesus’ blood in order to portray his sacrifice and suffering. Jesus was also believed to be wearing purple prior to his crucifixion so the color purple signifies his sacrifice as well. The color white is used to showcase innocence and purity which are closely tied to symbolizing God. Each color has its own biblical ties for the church and is often used to better portray meaningful imagery for their church.

Utilizing Traditional Stained Glass Symbolism for Your Denver Church Stained Glass

Implementing religious stained glass traditions into your new custom church stained glass piece is a wonderful idea. While there are so many ways to incorporate traditional and meaningful biblical messaging, utilizing significant colors is always a great addition. Religious stained glass is a way to give back to your congregation and community by highlighting the important values and figures for your Denver church.

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