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Why Stained Glass Works On Durangos Homes

No matter which neighborhood you reside in here in Durango, stained glass is an architectural feature that will work well with your style home. Whether you live an aging bungalow in the historic blank neighborhood or a modern home in the newer blank neighborhood–stained glass is simply a great fit. Why? Because the look of stained glass is timeless and in today’s world of advanced design tools it is also incredibly customizable too.  Here at Denver Stained Glass, we know this first hand because we create one of a kind stained glass windows using CAD and other new design techniques to make versatile, lovely and functional windows for our Durango customers. Windows that elevate the look of any home and that will last well into the next century. 

Custom Stained Glass For Durango Homes

custom stained glass entryway denverFinding architectural features that you love as a homeowner is no easy task.  But, stained glass is simple, straight forward, functional and comes in styles ranging from modern to vintage.  This means finding a design you love and that fits in perfectly with your existing decor is simple. From Mid-century modern to craftsman style and Prairie Style to our signature Aspen style, we always build windows that look great with the homes they grace.  Furthermore, we are the area’s most prolific studio for custom stained glass windows, so our custom pieces will exactly fit your taste and the decor of your Durango home.  

Stained Glass For Privacy In Durango Homes

The amazing beauty and timeless style of stained glass are reasons enough to have it installed in your Durango home.  However, many people overlook the fact that stained glass windows are also very functional. They are the simple but lovely privacy solution in any part of your Durango home.  So, if you are looking for a little extra coverage in areas like your bathroom or bedroom, a stained glass window works perfectly. Likewise, is you need a bit more privacy on your street-facing entryway, transom or sidelight windows–stained glass is both an effective and stylish way to get it.  These windows are beautiful and semi to fully private. But, the great part about stained glass windows is–they still allow in plenty of natural light. Also, stained glass is not just for windows. Here at Denver Stained Glass, we have created various stained glass pieces for kitchen cabinets or as architectural room dividers or even as a stand-alone wall hanging panels for homeowners to use as art.  Your options are practically limitless when you work with us on custom stained glass for your Durango home. 

For more information on the benefits of stained glass for privacy, pricing or to schedule a free design consultation for your Durango home, contact Denver Stained Glass today!