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Stained Glass Installation

Installation with your Scottish Stained Glass purchase is always included.  We have many methods of stained glass installation depending on your particular window and your stained glass piece.  Whether you need construction to add a completely new window and frame, or just want to replace an existing window, we will work with your needs to make sure your stained glass is installed correctly.

If you’re adding an entirely new window to your home, we can ensure that the project runs both smoothly for your home, and according to building code standards.  Different areas of a home may require different building methods, and Scottish Stained Glass will ensure that your install is completely safe.  We want to make this process as enjoyable as possible for you so that you can have complete satisfaction in your new stained glass window or door.

We also offer the perfect installation option if you’re adding stained glass to a bathroom.  Many bathrooms have windows in the shower area, or over a bathtub.  For these situations, moisture can be a big issue as it can damage the stained glass.  For these applications, we can actually seal the stained glass piece between two regular panes of glass, sandwiching it inside and completely protecting your beautiful stained or leaded glass inside and out.

Our preferred method of installation is to salvage your existing window frames.  If your current window has clear glass in it, we can bond our pane of stained or leaded glass to the inside, creating a double paned window.  This will add to the insulating value of your windows, and help to keep the weather where it should be; outside.   Another important reason we prefer this installation process is so that your previous window pane can protect the stained glass piece from the elements.  When you look at the window after the stained glass has been bonded, it will simply look like stained glass!

One of our talented designers will walk you through the process as they design your stained glass piece to ensure that your window or door is installed the best way possible for your particular project.  Each window we make is completely unique, and each installation is unique as well, but at Scottish Stained Glass, we guarantee satisfaction with your end result.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our installation process, or to get started on your stained glass project.  We can’t wait to show you the beautiful possibilities of adding stained glass into your home!