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Stained Glass Design & Construction

Scottish Stained Glass is a Denver-based company that has been in business for over 20 years.  We have developed a process that is effective in delivering our quality glass in the best way possible to satisfy our customers.

Our designers will work with you from start to finish, creating the perfect stained glass addition for your home or business.  Our process begins with an in-home consultation for your particular project, where our designers will take in the styles of your home so they can thoroughly help you make major design decisions.  Also, feel free to call and set up a time to visit our showroom to see the many styles and applications of glass we produce here in person.

These steps will help prepare you and our designers for your next key decisions.  Since all of our pieces are custom, the options for your stained glass piece are endless.  Our designers are experienced in narrowing down the many choices to a few options that meet your style wants, and the needs of your home.

Our founder, Martin Faith, learned the art of traditional stained glass in his home of Scotland, over 25 years ago, and our company is built upon this kind of experience.  You can trust Scottish Stained Glass to provide the best products, as we have the most talented designers and builders in the nation working on our team.

Once our design team has worked with you to decide on major aspects of your window, they will create CAD versions of your piece so that we can digitally show you many different variations are available.  This means that you will be 100 percent certain that your window is exactly the way you want it upon ordering.

Our fantastic builders will then begin assembling your custom glass windows.  Our builders are skilled technicians who have provided hundreds of custom windows, so you can feel confident placing your project in their hands.

At Scottish Stained Glass we work hard to provide the best glass in the country.  Because of our many options, and the quality of each piece, our glass work can take a little more time to build than some of our competitors.   However, when you’re making an investment that will become a part of your home for years to come, the quality of our products is well worth the wait, and this quality is the reason we have been so successful in our industry.

Take a look at our gallery on this website to get a better idea of the many options we provide.  Each piece is completely unique, so we can work from a style you already like, or create something entirely new for your home or business.

Contact us today to get started on your stained glass project.  We can set up an in-home consultation, or you can come to our showroom first if you prefer.  We provide the best quality stained glass and it will truly become a work of art, admired in your home.