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Stained Glass Benefits

Your expert stained glass installers

On 27, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits, Stained Glass For Homes | By Martin Faith

When it comes to stained glass installation, Denver customers are always surprised to hear that there are a variety of methods. We will do a custom installation for you that will ensure your new stained glass panel is protected from the elements, and will look fantastic in its new home.

In the olden times when stained glass first became popular, it was usually installed as a single pane into a window frame. So the stained glass itself was exposed to the elements, the wind, rain, sleet and hail, and anything that the outside world might throw at it. Now, glass is generally not affected by those things and will look beautiful for many generations. Even with this old fashioned installation, stained glass proved to be remarkably durable, with windows hundreds of years old still intact today.

But of course, there have been many hundreds of windows that did get damaged. With our newer methods of modern stained glass installation, Denver home and business owners can rest assured that their windows are well protected from damage that might be caused by Colorado’s extreme climate.

Denver's Finest Custom Stained Glass

We use three different methods of stained glass installation, Denver.

1. Our most common type of installation is when the new stained glass panel is bonded to the inside of the existing pane of glass. That original pane protects the stained glass from the elements. A bead of caulking is run around the edges, ensuring the stained glass stays flush with the original, protective glass, and no dirt or other debris can find its way in between the two panes.

2. For extremely we areas like pools, bathhouses, bathrooms, steam rooms, etc., we will do a different installation which protects the stained glass from the effects of all that moisture. Wetness is not damaging to the glass but over time, it can be to the lead strips that are characteristic of a stained glass window. The strips that hold each individual piece of glass together. So in extremely wet environments, we sandwich the new stained glass between two plain pieces of glass, one on each side.

3. Our third type of stained glass installation, Denver stained glass lovers will be interested to hear, is a hanging installation. Much less permanent than the other two, the panel is hung in front of a window or on a wall from chains. It can easily be moved elsewhere if you move or redecorate, and makes a fantastic gift.

If you wish to learn more about stained glass installation, Denver Stained Glass is at your service. We are happy to answer any questions or make an appointment for you with one of our experienced designers or sales pros. Please contact us today.

Fueled by a desire to preserve a centuries old tradition and one of the world’s most intricate and captivating art forms, Martin Faith is a dedicated craftsman and the proud owner of Denver Stained Glass. Using the skills he gained as a stained glass artisan in Glasgow, Scotland, Martin has spent the last thirty years focusing his efforts on creating exquisite works of art to adorn the walls of homes, churches, and buildings all across Colorado. His extensive knowledge in the areas of glassmaking, modern design, and historic preservation make him an expert in his trade and have given him a reputation as one of the most celebrated stained glass artisans of his time.