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Stained Glass Benefits

Stained glass can be repaired to look like new

On 13, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits, Stained Glass For Homes | By dsgadmin

Sometimes it is better to replace a broken window with a brand new one. But when the broken window in question is stained glass, the situation gets a little bit more complicated. Some homes in Denver have antique stained glass windows that came with the home and are a large part of its appeal, and some stained glass windows have been in families for generations.

(Did you know that your stained glass windows can be removed when you sell a home, and taken with you to your new home, or given as a family heirloom?)

If you are in this situation, replacement is clearly not an option. Time for stained glass repair, instead of replacement.

Luckily, Denver Stained Glass are experts when it comes to taking fragile pieces and making them look like new again. If you are in need of some stained glass repair, let us explain the process to you.

Antique Stained Glass San Antonio

Obviously, the old panel has to come out of the existing window frame and back to our Denver studio. Then, depending on what it needs, we will take apart some or all of the panel, replace the broken parts, and carefully reassemble it, re-solder the joints, clean and polish it, and reinstall it for you looking as good – or better – than new.

If your window has broken, cracked, or missing pieces of glass, stained glass repair will require us to match the texture and color of the replacement glass as exactly as possible. Luckily, we have access to glass makers all around the world, and although there were many kinds of antique glass that are no longer made today, our chances of finding a match are very strong.

In the rare occasions that we cannot find the perfect replacement glass, or have one of our suppliers make it for us, we employ another strategy. We will use a different but complementary color, inserting this new color carefully into the pattern in various places so that it looks like it was always a part of the panel.

If your panel has bowed due to heavy wind or over a long period of time, it might be the lead strips in between each piece of glass that need to be replaced. Once they stretch or bend out of shape, the glass pieces can become so loose that they might even fall out.

Whatever kind of stained glass repair you need, we will work with great respect and the utmost attention to detail to restore your piece. With our decades of experience, we know how to do the work in the most efficient way. For instance, if only one corner is cracked, there would be no need to take apart the entire window. We would merely start at the edge and work in to the cracked, chipped, or missing piece, replace it, and reassemble it.

Don’t despair about your damaged stained glass windows. With Denver Stained Glass, you are placing your stained glass repair project in the hands of the experts. Why not contact us today?