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Restoring Antique Stained Glass Windows From Denver’s Older Neighborhoods

On 09, Jun 2014 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits, Stained Glass For Homes | By dsgadmin

In the older neighborhoods and homes in Denver, you see many antique stained glass windows. We went to a party a couple of weeks ago, a cute little old house owned by two artists the Capital Hill area, and the first thing we saw when we walked through the door was a lovely old stained glass window in the hallway.

(And the owner told us that very window had been one of the main features he fell in love with when looking to buy a house. It made the home distinct among the different houses he looked at, gave it a sense of history.)

Some of these old windows have been around for many years and are in need of repair or restoration. In fact, the one we’ve been discussing had several cracked pieces of glass, and was never cleaned as well as it might have been. The owners were afraid that the elbow grease required to remove decades of grime would further damage the window.

Antique Stained Glass San Antonio

When we asked if the owner had ever considered having it repaired, he looked surprised. “It can be repaired? But the glass is so old; how could you ever match it exactly?” he asked.

Denver Stained Glass are experts at cleaning, restoring, and repairing antique stained glass. We have hundreds of glass colors, textures, and finishes at our disposal, and know where to find just about any kind of glass.

In the case of this Denver homeowner’s old window, we would first carefully remove the entire panel from his window and take it back to our shop. All our artisans are specially trained in the art of new stained glass, and the correct techniques required to restore stained glass. In fact, we consider it an honor to have the opportunity to restore the work of other artists.

But let’s get back to the restoration of this particular window. We would assess the damage, determine exactly what supplies we’d need to restore it, and get to work. Starting at an outer edge, we disassemble the pieces only until we get to the cracked or chipped pieces of glass. Usually, if there is no bowing, buckling, or damage to the lead caning that holds the pieces together, there is no need to disassemble the entire panel.

Then, we would cut the new, matching glass to the exact size and shape, reassemble the panel, and solder the joints back into place. A good clean and polish, and the window is ready to be reinstalled, ready to be enjoyed and admired as the art form it truly is for many generations to come.

Do you have an antique stained glass window that could use a bit of TLC? Please don’t think it’s beyond repair, or that the glass could never be matched. Please remember that this is a piece of art that adds value and distinctiveness to your home. Let the restoration experts at Denver Stained Glass take a look at it and give you an estimate for the repair work. Contact us today!