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Stained Glass Benefits

Fence stained glass can bring it all together.

On 21, Nov 2014 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits, Stained Glass For Homes | By Martin Faith

If you have seen some of the homes in Denver, you already know how well the overall designs flow together. It’s like each piece of these homes was made for each other, designed by someone with attention to detail and an understanding over the overall harmony of design. This is why these homes are so stunning, so eye catching. No stone is left unturned, not detail is too small to be considered.

This leads us right to the subject of fence stained glass. Never heard of it? You’re not alone. Let’s talk about this “take-your-décor-to-the-next-level” idea. By incorporating small pieces of stained glass in sections of the fence line, you can incorporate the overall style of the fence with the rest of the house. This works beautifully in wrought iron fences and gates, wooden fences, rustic log fences, possibly even stone fences.

If your home is modern and minimalist from the architecture to the furnishings, something complementary in your stained glass fence would work well. Perhaps a geometric design, or something very simple. If your home is an older Victorian style, you might want stained glass fence panels in a more ornate or flowery pattern.

That’s the beauty of custom stained glass by Denver Stained Glass. We work with you to ensure that any stained glass does work perfectly with your home, in terms of colors, styles, patterns, and of course, your decorating budget.

Obviously, adding stained glass to a fence is not for everyone. We suspect it is only for those who are really passionate about design. Those who love art. Those who like their homes to reflect their taste and personality and will stop at nothing to make them that way. Stained glass is a beautiful traditional art form that has long been relegated to windows and lampshades, but these days it is breaking free of those constraints and starting to show up everywhere.

Not that there is anything wrong with windows or lampshades, of course. If you are considering fence stained glass, you might want to have your outdoor lampshades done in a matching pattern for even more of a wow factor. That could be the lighting fixtures in your entryway, or on your deck or patio.

Here’s how the process would work. You’d contact us and set up an appointment with one of our designers. He or she would come to your home, check out the fence, and start brainstorming ideas with you. You would have the chance to look at photos, samples, and sketches, until the final design and location are agreed on. And then, we swing into motion to create your custom stained glass fence!

So why not give us a call today?

Fueled by a desire to preserve a centuries old tradition and one of the world’s most intricate and captivating art forms, Martin Faith is a dedicated craftsman and the proud owner of Denver Stained Glass. Using the skills he gained as a stained glass artisan in Glasgow, Scotland, Martin has spent the last thirty years focusing his efforts on creating exquisite works of art to adorn the walls of homes, churches, and buildings all across Colorado. His extensive knowledge in the areas of glassmaking, modern design, and historic preservation make him an expert in his trade and have given him a reputation as one of the most celebrated stained glass artisans of his time.