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Stained Glass Benefits

Entertainment center stained glass can give your entertainment area an amazing look.

On 01, Dec 2014 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits, Stained Glass For Homes | By Martin Faith

Some Denver homes have areas with built in shelves and storage for entertainment. These
areas hold TVs, stereo systems, and other electronics, and they frequently have built in cabinet doors. If you want to add some style, some uniqueness, some color and class to this area in your home, you could install some custom stained glass for the cabinet doors.

Do you have an entire entertainment room, or is it just a wall in your living room? Either way, entertainment center stained glass is just the thing to jazz up that area and really integrate it into your home’s décor and design. If you have any stained glass windows in the rest of your home, you could do the cabinet doors in a matching pattern. For instance, if you entertainment center is in the basement, which is quite popular in Denver houses, you might want to add matching stained glass to both the entertainment center cabinets and to those narrow casement windows. Your entire basement décor will be elevated.

Or perhaps you have a stained glass entryway and your entertainment center is on one wall of your living room. You could match the new stained glass to the existing, and unify the whole look of your home in this fashion.


Entertainment center stained glass can be created in any styles, patterns, or colors. That is the beauty of custom stained glass, each piece is designed for the clients express needs and tastes. Now, if your entertainment center is always a mess, then stained glass might just serve a very useful purpose by covering it all up with something beautiful. You can still watch TV whenever you want and when you aren’t watching, the doors can be closed, making your entertainment room look like a work of art.

If you are wondering exactly where in your particular entertainment center you might be able to add stained glass, here’s the gist of it. If you have clear glass doors on the unit, they can have stained glass added right to them. If you have wooden or another opaque material for the doors, they could either be replaced with new stained glass doors, or the stained glass could be inserted as a panel into the wooden door, just like we might do with the front door to your home.

Now, sometimes entertainment centers have mirrored areas, and those could easily be replaced with stained glass as well. When it comes to entertainment center stained glass, we think it’s a unique idea that is perfect for the homeowner who is really into design and wants every detail of their home to be lovely. Why not give us a call today and schedule an in-home appointment with one of Denver Stained Glass’s design staff?

Fueled by a desire to preserve a centuries old tradition and one of the world’s most intricate and captivating art forms, Martin Faith is a dedicated craftsman and the proud owner of Denver Stained Glass. Using the skills he gained as a stained glass artisan in Glasgow, Scotland, Martin has spent the last thirty years focusing his efforts on creating exquisite works of art to adorn the walls of homes, churches, and buildings all across Colorado. His extensive knowledge in the areas of glassmaking, modern design, and historic preservation make him an expert in his trade and have given him a reputation as one of the most celebrated stained glass artisans of his time.