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Stained Glass Benefits

Custom homes require custom built windows.

On 21, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits, Stained Glass For Homes | By dsgadmin

When it comes to building custom homes, builders frequently do not use standard sized windows. Each custom home that is built has specific needs, as far as its design and its particular style. Windows can really come in any size or shape, and a wide variety of styles from the classic double hung to bay windows or transoms.

The same rule of customization applies to stained glass windows: custom style for custom homes. And even if your home was built as part of a development with no customization, you can still add it yourself when you move in. We believe this is one of our clients’ favorite things about stained glass windows—the opportunity to customize their homes and add to their beauty and value at the very same time.

Here at Denver Stained Glass, we sit down with each client—in their homes—to custom design a stained glass window to their specific size and style. Our clients have the wonderful opportunity to participate in the custom design process as much or as little as they prefer. This can mean anything from looking through a book of patterns and picking one, to showing our designers a sketch or photo of their own idea, or anything in between.

Custom style for custom homes

Of course you don’t want your home to look the same as every other one on the block. You will show your individual taste in your landscaping, your interior design, the colors you choose. And if you want customized windows, there is nothing more striking than custom stained glass.

Denver's Finest Custom Stained Glass

Here at Denver Stained Glass, we have created over 40,000 stained glass windows in the past two plus decades for happy customers, each one custom designed and hand-crafted using our special blend of modern and traditional techniques. Not only that, we source our glass from vendors all over the world, and actually have access to over 10,000 luscious colors and textures of glass! We’d call that a custom style for custom homes, indeed!

Would you like to customize your home by giving it a Deco or Art Nouveau touch? We can design stained glass windows or doors in either of those styles. Have you always admired Frank Lloyd Wright and his Mission style stained glass? We do not copy his exact designs, but instead will use them as inspiration for a Mission style piece that’s all your own.

Would you like more privacy to your entryway, without blocking the light? We can do custom styled stained glass sidelights and front door panels that will fit the bill perfectly, using frosted or textured or even beveled glass patterns. This will give you the privacy you want without shutting out the sunlight, and customize your entryway, probably making your home the envy of everyone on the block.

If you have a custom home, or want to customize your home with the age-old yet modern beauty of stained glass, why not contact Denver Stained Glass today!