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Stained Glass Benefits

Bring your stained glass back to life

On 16, Nov 2015 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits, Stained Glass For Homes | By Martin Faith

When it comes to stained glass repair, Denver home and business owners are sometimes unaware that their older damaged stained glass windows can be easily fixed. The process does require that we uninstall and repair the window, then reinstall it, but customers are always thrilled at how incredible their stained glass looks when they get it back.

Why does your stained glass need repair, Denver? Does it have a layer of grime that you can’t seem to remove? Are some of the glass pieces loose, broken, chipped, or missing completely? We need to assess the problems to give you a quote for the job. This can be done by sending us photos with a description of the problem, if it is not immediately obvious in the photos.

Some clients ask us if it is worth the money to have a piece of stained glass repaired. They wonder if they might not be better off with a brand new stained glass window, door panel, or light fixture. We cannot answer this, because it depends upon what the older stained glass is worth to you. However, if it is antique (100 years or older) stained glass, then we generally estimate that once repaired, cleaned, polished, and reinstalled, it will be worth approximately four times the value of a brand new stained glass piece of the same size.

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When we bring the window back to our studio to do the stained glass repair, Denver Stained Glass artisans will begin to disassemble the piece from the side nearest the damage. We only take it apart as much as is necessary to get to the damaged parts. But for some windows, the lead strips that hold the glass together have become bent or brittle over time. They might no longer hold the glass pieces tightly in place. In this case, a full restoration might be required. We would take apart the entire window and reassemble it with all new lead strips, using special dark leads that will still leave it looking like an antique. A beautifully restored, lustrous shining antique stained glass window.

We recommend stained glass owners contact an experienced stained glass repair company like Denver Stained Glass at the first sign of damage to the window. Many of our clients have purchased an older Denver home that came with one or more stained glass windows in need of repair. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about your stained glass, whether it is antique or fairly new.

For more information about stained glass repair, Denver or anywhere across the state, we hope that you will give us a call today or contact us through our convenient online contact form.

Fueled by a desire to preserve a centuries old tradition and one of the world’s most intricate and captivating art forms, Martin Faith is a dedicated craftsman and the proud owner of Denver Stained Glass. Using the skills he gained as a stained glass artisan in Glasgow, Scotland, Martin has spent the last thirty years focusing his efforts on creating exquisite works of art to adorn the walls of homes, churches, and buildings all across Colorado. His extensive knowledge in the areas of glassmaking, modern design, and historic preservation make him an expert in his trade and have given him a reputation as one of the most celebrated stained glass artisans of his time.