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Stained Glass Benefits

Affordable Stained Glass for Your Denver Home

On 16, Jun 2014 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits, Stained Glass For Homes | By dsgadmin

Some people have admired stained glass for years, but maybe thought that it was only for churches or multimillion dollar homes. It never occurred to them that even the custom-made, top-quality stained glass might be well within their budgets. It also never occurs to these people that it is not just a whim, not just a decorating idea, not just another purchase, but something that actually adds real dollar value to your home and might one day make the difference between selling it for the price you want . . . and having to compromise.

Of course, here at Denver Stained Glass, we believe this art form should be enjoyed by everyone. And we know from experience that it can be much more affordable than most people would think. Denver stained glass designers can come up with a custom design that will fit your budget along with your individual tastes.

Here is how the process of creating affordable Denver stained glass can work for you. First, you need to understand how a the pricing of a custom stained glass panel works. This way we price out a project will be the same whether you are ordering stained glass for your front door or sidelights, or perhaps a series of panels to be inserted into your kitchen cabinets for an instant kitchen upgrade.


The price is based partly on square footage. So obviously, a large stained glass picture or bay window will cost more than a couple of small stained glass bathroom windows. There is nothing you can do about that aspect of it. But there is another determinant which you do have a say in, and that is the complexity of the pattern. If you consider any stained glass you have ever seen, you know that it is made up of small pieces of cut glass, assembled together in a pattern, with a piece of lead caming separating each and every single piece. This is what gives stained glass its distinctive look, completely different than painted glass.

At Denver Stained Glass, our builders hand-build each panel from scratch, cutting each piece of glass to the correct size and shape, cutting the lead caming, and assembling it all piece by piece. So obviously, the smaller the pieces and the more complicated the design, the more time it will take for the piece to be assembled. So as with all things, time is money.

Our designers will work with you to help you create affordable Denver stained glass that will have the look you want, at the price that fits your budget. The feeling and flavor of the piece will be just what you want, but perhaps the design will be a tiny bit simpler or the pieces of glass a tiny bit larger.

You’d really be surprised at just how affordable Denver Stained Glass can be, even though it is completely custom designed and hand made. Why not call us today to find out!