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7 Great Restoration and Preservation Resources in Denver

On 10, Jul 2018 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Benefits | By dsgadmin

Denver Stained Glass believes that historical preservation and property restoration is vital in keeping our rich cultural history alive. Finding value within your home, business, neighborhood, or community can happen through a variety of different mediums. It can be difficult finding reliable information regarding home and business restoration– that’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite recommendations for helpful organizations that provide comprehensive knowledge and experience. We hope these local resources deliver a solid foundation for your next restoration project or inspires you to learn more about preserving culturally significant heritage sites.

1. Colorado Arts and Crafts Society

The Colorado Arts and Crafts Society, CACS, is a nonprofit organization that serves in preserving and studying the arts and crafts movement in Colorado as well as the rest of the nation. With an abundance of lectures, tours, and other educational programs, CACS works to enhance awareness regarding our rich cultural heritage depicted through the arts and crafts movement. Preserving local art in homes, businesses, and their personal research library throughout the Denver area is vital to the CACS.¬†Access to CACS’ extensive resources is available for an affordable annual membership through their website. They also feature many volunteer opportunities for those who would like hands-on experience and to give back.

2. History Colorado

History Colorado is a charitable organization that’s also an agency running under the Department of Higher Education. History Colorado delivers comprehensive access to heritage and cultural resources ranging from community museums to educational programs designed for adults and families. Their progressive programs and services promote historic preservation and archaeology. History Colorado also provides access to their large collection of historical photography, artifacts, and archives. This Smithsonian Affiliate has an impactful historic preservation grant program that has awarded over $286 million in grants to all 64 counties across the state of Colorado, resulting in more than $1.5 billion impact on our economy.

3. Colorado Preservation, Inc.

Colorado Preservation, Inc., CPI, is a nonprofit organization that promotes the historic preservation of Colorado by offering extensive advocacy, education, outreach, and preservation services to communities and individuals throughout our state. By collaborating with local government leaders and other nonprofit organizations, CPI is proud to help Coloradans save historic places that are culturally relevant. Restoration and preservation of these significant properties throughout Denver and surrounding areas is the main project work CPI undertakes.

4. Preservation for a Changing Colorado

Preservation for a Changing Colorado is actually a project funded by History Colorado and Colorado Preservation, Inc. This nonprofit organization delivers financial reports regarding historical preservation and the considerable contributions these projects have on our state and local economies. For those interested in the financial aspect of historical preservation and the implications they have on job creation, tourist economy, household income, and tax revenue can have direct access to those figures within this resource.

5. The Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation

The Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, OAHP, is in charge of the State Historical Fund which utilizes limited gaming throughout Colorado communities for funding that is used for historical preservation throughout the state. This government-run agency is also a chapter of the Department of Higher Education. OAHP works hard to engage Coloradans in partnerships to discover, preserve, and take pride in our local architectural, archaeological, and other historic places throughout our state. With a variety of different programs offered, OAHP provides statewide leadership and support to all their partners in historic preservation, restoration, and archaeology.

6. Historic Denver

Historic Denver is a nonprofit organization that began their project work by saving the Molly Brown House Museum from demolition. Historic Denver strives to protect, promote, and restore significant historical properties throughout the Denver metro area. By educating locals about architectural heritage and promoting project awareness, Historic Denver has found effective, functional ways for historical sites to remain intact and restored for modern use. Historic Denver also provides a plethora of resources containing preservation solutions for property owners and neighborhoods.

7. Gathering of the Guilds

Gathering of the Guilds is actually an event hosted by the Colorado Arts and Crafts Society that happens annually at the historic Boettcher Mansion. This wonderful, historical arts event promotes a multitude of different vendors, presentations regarding the arts and crafts movement, and efforts in preserving the rich, local culture. This event is a great place to learn more about restoration and preservation in regards to the arts and crafts movement.

With so many different nonprofit organizations and local events that discuss proper restoration and preservation, finding relevant information has never been so easy. It’s wonderful knowing so many passionate citizens reside in Colorado and are constantly striving for historical preservation of culturally significant properties and past art forms. We always believe that preserving different mediums of art, including stained glass, can really be vital for future generations.

For more information regarding organizations that promote preservation and restoration that serve the state of Colorado, please contact us or call: (720) 509-1919