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Centennial Stained Glass

Redesign your Centennial Kitchen with Stained Glass

centennial-stained-glass-denver-coloradoIt seems that most parties and get-togethers end up in the kitchen, so why not have some of your finest designs in this room of your home? The kitchen is the perfect place to add some character and an accent piece. Guests will definitely bring up the stained glass in conversation and it will also give your kitchen a differentiating factor than most others. Not only can windows in the kitchen benefit from this type of glass, but also kitchen cabinets. Some people love the unique look of stained glass on their cabinet doors instead of glass, wood or metal. Another option in this space of your home is to upgrade your pantry doors or wine room doors with stained glass. These areas can be greatly enhanced with some designs such as grapes or leaves, or even a vineyard landscape in Tuscany on your custom made panel. If you are looking to revamp or redesign your Centennial kitchen, look no further than Scottish Stained Glass for some inspiration and installation information. Take a look at our stained glass gallery for other ideas.

Types of Styles for Centennial Stained Glass

centennial-denver-stained-glassScottish Stained Glass offers many types of stained glass for residents near the Denver area of Centennial, Colorado. We have been providing glass to residential and commercial buildings for over 30 years now and are experts in the field when it comes to designs and installation. We can accommodate custom designs so each panel is personalized exactly how the customer wants it. If you are unsure of the look, style or design you want to move forward with, our experts are here to help you. Although we do a lot of custom work, we also offer styles and designs that we have used in the past. We are experts in the field when it comes to styles such as Frank Lloyd Wright inspired designs, contemporary, traditional, Celtic, Art Nouveau and Antique stained glass. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with our stained glass experts and start your process to create the dream panel for your home.