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Read This if You Think You Denver Church Stained Glass Is Beyond Repair

On 08, Mar 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Church Stained Glass Restoration | By dsgadmin

Church Stained Glass Repair In Denver

A lot of the church stained glass in this country is turning 100 years old in the coming years!  While there is a reason to celebrate that it has made it this long, it also means it is time for restoration, thorough repairs or at the very least a good cleaning.  This is because around about a century, vintage stained glass on homes and churches begins to need repairs. This is due to environmental factors as well as the way it was built at that time.  So, if for some reason you think the stained glass on your Denver church is beyond repair because it looks dingy, chipped, tarnished and old, the truth is–it is probably not. Read on to find out why.

Church Stained Glass That Is Old And Looks Lifeless Can Be Cleaned

Church stained glass and the lead that surrounds it are actually things that are able to be cleaned and brought back to their former luster.  While the lead may look absolutely filthy and the glass may not have any shine at all, our deep cleaning will bring to the surface stained glass colors that will amaze you. We do cleanings both on and off your Denver chapel’s premises and which one we do depends on which other repairs we need to do.  However, one thing is for sure– the brightness of the glass will blow you away when we are done.

Chapel Stained Glass That Is Bowing Or Sagging Can Be Restored

Many parishioners see the bowing wooden or steel frames on church stained glass windows and immediately think–the damage is irreparable. And that makes sense since, when the support structure of stained glass windows start to bend, sag and bow, the state of your stained glass can look pretty dire.  However, regularly deal with stained glass in this state and know that after we are done–this won’t be an issue for another century or even two! Not only do we rebuild the frame and structure of your church’s stained glass windows but we also use modern lead additives to give it extra strength and additional life!

Church Stained Glass That is Chipped, Cracked Can Be Repaired

Church stained glass that is chipped, cracked or missing looks miserable and beyond repair on the surface.  Or you may think once a glass panel falls out the whole stained glass windows is done for. However, this is not that big of a problem–, especially for our expert restoration team.  Some chips and cracks we can fix right in the window. But, for more seriously damaged windows further repairs are required in our studio. We can fix almost anything there and even match the most obscure colored or textured glass pieces.

If you love your Denver church’s stained glass but fear its time has come, make sure to contact us before taking it out or destroying it.  There is often life left in these types of church stained glass windows still! At Denver Stained Glass we are happy to consult with you on how to bring it out!  Contact us today for more info!