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Remodeling your kitchen? Stained Glass Can Add Style And Utility!

What little winter we had this year is gone and the time for spring cleaning, spring projects and, you guessed it, spring renovations is here. If you are like most homeowners there are probably about 100 different remodels inspired by Pinterest boards a plenty, that you would like to do on your house this spring. One of the most rewarding is arguably the kitchen BUT it is also a big bite to take as well. Add to this that kitchen style can be tricky to navigate. What goes with what, what is functional or just for show, what is too over the top. These are all considerations when remodeling your kitchen. However, one thing that we, at Denver Stained Glass, know for sure is, Stained Glass is always in style and a great way to start a kitchen renovation. This spring, when remodeling your kitchen a fantastic way to have an item to design your entire kitchen color palette and style around is, with custom stained glass from Denver Stained Glass and here is why.

1. Stained Glass For Kitchen Privacy: Stained glass is beautiful but don’t be confused, it is very useful as well. Stained glass is a great way to keep the eyes of the neighbors or passersby out of your home, while still letting in natural light and enhancing the look of your kitchen.

2. Stained Glass For Inspiration: Deciding what colors of style to use in a kitchen remodel can be hard. By installing a custom stained glass window first, you can get a clear vision for what direction you want to go with the remodel from there and have a definite color scheme before it even begins

3. Stained Glass As Centerpieces: Let’s face it, kitchen style can be incredibly bland and it is time-consuming to find just the right accent pieces to take you kitchen to the next level of style. Stained glass can be used in a variety of unique ways in your kitchen as brilliant pieces to design the kitchen around. As cabinet doors, divider pieces and traditional windows, stained glass simply sings!

No matter where you put stained glass in your home it is sure to please. But the first step to successful stained glass use is finding the right skilled craftsmen, like Denver Stained Glass, to make a true masterpiece for your home. Contact us today for a free consultation and get one step closer to the kitchen of your dreams this spring!

The Perfect Heirloom Wedding Gift: Custom Stained Glass

Stained Glass For Spring Weddings In Denver

Spring is a wonderful time, the warm weather, birds chirping and flowers blooming. It is a time of renewal, of birth and of love and to Colorado families and their soon to be brides and grooms–it is a time of weddings! As the season of love descends upon us here in Denver, if you are anything like us, you probably have more than a few save the dates under magnets on your refrigerator and also a fair amount of summer weekends marked off your calendar to attend the wedding of someone you love.

The Unique Wedding Gifts Of Stained Glass

It can be really difficult to find that perfect gift for that very special someone when they are getting married. Of course, there are registries and they certainly make things a bit easier, but those gifts can sometimes come across as trite and even cliche. When you are faced with options like registries for wedding gifts that just don’t cut it–that is where we, at Denver Stained Glass, come in. Our option for a wedding gift for those you love, that will have the newlywed couple smiling and maybe even shedding tears when they open it, is custom stained glass. Purchasing a custom stained glass panel or window for a young couple is such a great gift to mark the beginning of their lives together and is a gift of heirloom quality as well. It will is guaranteed to be something they will cherish and something so unique, there is no risk of duplicates.

Here are a couple of ways we see people customize stained glass window or panel to personalize it and make it extra special for the bride and groom:

Monograms: Have the first letter of the couple’s last name stylized in a field design of your choice.
Wedding Date: There is no better way to memorialize a wedding than to have the date included on a beautiful stained glass window or panel.
Wedding Colors: The colors a couple chose for their wedding are likely their favorite, so having a stained glass window or panel made with them is a sure bet.
Engagement Picture: Stained glass can be made to mimic a real life picture to memorialize the bride and groom in a stylish way.

Denver Stained Glass For Your Wedding Gifts

It doesn’t matter which stained glass design you choose to mark that special day because the bride and groom will appreciate the caring thought that went into their gift. However, if you don’t know exactly what size, color or style–don’t worry we have a solution. Many people who want the bride and groom to choose their own design buy them a gift certificate for the stained glass This means they can pick out exactly what they want to have made, to fit the area of their choosing, to remember their big day. Stained glass and stained glass windows may be something that is outside of your wedding gift budget, in which case it is a great idea to consider giving stained glass as a group gift. Which allows others to have a hand in this timeless gift as well!

If you live in the Denver area and are looking for a unique, wedding gift to mark the wedding of someone you love, contact Denver Stained Glass today to discuss a custom stained glass wedding design today!

Stained Glass Windows Damaged By Hail? We Can Help

Hail Damage to Stained Glass In Colorado

Like all Coloradans, the sound of hail is one that haunts you. It starts as a tiny tink-tink-tink outside your windows then turns into a loud thump-thump-thump on your car, your siding and even your windows. It is the sound of money leaving your pocket for the resulting repairs. Hail damages anything that sits unprotected under the Colorado Sky, including stained glass windows.

Stained Glass Windows With Hail Damage

Stained glass windows, although extremely durable, can suffer damage from the intense work of mother nature, like any other piece of property. Once it is damaged, the structural integrity of the glass is usually compromised and must be repaired promptly to ensure the damage is mitigated. This is where Denver Stained Glass comes in. Our specialty is stained glass repair and restoration from hail, wind and just the results of time overall. We remove, repair, replace and re-lead the broken panels, and are able to color match perfectly. Moreover, we’ve got you covered when the next hail storm happens because we are able to install a protective exterior to stop your windows from being damaged again.

Denver’s Stained Glass Hail Repair Expert

If you have a stained glass window that got hit by hail this last storm, your window could be damaged. The best course of action is to closely inspect your window or have Denver Stained Glass come out and inspect it for you. We are Colorado’s stained glass experts and we can take care of your glass better than all the rest. Contact us today for a free estimate on the cost of stained glass repair, restoration or replacement.