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Welcome to Denver Stained Glass, Colorado’s Premier Stained & Leaded Glass Studio

Welcome to all Denver, Colorado homeowners, businesses, and religious organizations. Denver Stained Glass is the the premier stained glass studio in the Denver metropolitan area. We are a locally owned and operated company that’s been in business for over 25 years. We create custom stained glass windows for homes, commercial properties, and religious buildings. Known for our excellent craftsmanship and devoted customer service, our company has built a reputation as being one of the leading stained glass suppliers not only in the state of Colorado, but is also ranked as one of the top studios in the nation.



Truly Customized Stained Glass Windows for Denver, Colorado

We believe that real artwork is not just beautiful in appearance, it’s also unique and original. That’s why all of our stained glass windows are custom made and designed. When you partner with us, not only will you receive a unique fixture that adds elegance and privacy to your architecture, you’ll also obtain an original piece of artwork that’s one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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Transform Your Home’s Architecture with Denver Stained Glass

Add beauty, privacy, and brightness to any room of your home with custom stained glass windows. At Denver Stained Glass, we offer a variety of stained glass styles that are perfect for enhancing your home’s architecture. From alluring entryway stained glass sidelights and transoms to sophisticated and functional privacy stained glass for your bathroom, we can create the perfect stained glass panel for your home that will bring your family an immense amount
of beauty and joy.

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Stunning Stained Glass Art for Denver Churches & Businesses

Whether you’re looking for an interesting way to enhance your storefront or would like to add a unique piece of artwork to the walls of your church, Denver Stained Glass can provide you with the solution you need. We are happy to partner with Denver area churches and business on their stained glass projects and can create everything from simple stained glass signs to entire multi paneled ceilings. Our team is up to any challenge or task and is fully prepared to go to work for you!

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Proudly Serving the Denver Metro Area

Denver Stained Glass is proud to offer our services to property owners located all throughout the Denver metropolitan area. Whether you’re looking for a professional who can help repair and restore the antique stained glass in your home in Capitol Hill or Cheesman Park, or are seeking a company your church group can partner with on the construction of your new chapel room or temple, we can help bring your ideas and vision to life. We serve all areas of Denver, including the neighborhoods of Congress Park, the Highlands, LoDo, Rino, Englewood, Littleton, Glendale, Aurora, and the surrounding areas and are always happy to take on new projects.

Our Stained Glass Styles

Our company specializes in the creating custom designed stained glass. While all of our work is completely original and is designed by gifted local artists, we often incorporate elements from traditional styles of stained glass into our designs. The scope of our work ranges from classic to contemporary and incorporates various aesthetics and motifs.

Contemporary: Sophisticated and elegant, contemporary stained glass is an alluring choice for any style of home. Contemporary styles of stained glass are highly versatile, which makes them easy to incorporate into any type of decor or architectural style. While there are many different design options for contemporary stained glass, among the most popular in this category include Beveled Glass, Leaded Glass, Mission, and colorless glass designs.

Traditional: Traditional stained glass styles are known for their brilliant colors and eye-catching designs. Traditional stained glass styles are often bold and striking in appearance, which makes them the perfect option for establishing a focal point in a room or highlighting a certain architectural feature. There are countless different traditional styles of stained glass, though some of the best known are Prairie Style, Celtic, Art Deco, Mackintosh, and Greene & Greene.

Hand Painted: Painted portraits and landscapes look stunning when rendered in stained glass. As the sunlight filters through the varying colors and textures, the details and imagery of the painted design are brought to life and are given a very realistic look. Our artists are masters at hand-painting stained glass and can replicate any scene, photograph, or image with incredible accuracy.













Receive an Estimate from Denver Stained Glass

Bring the beauty of stained glass into your life and building today. Contact Denver Stained Glass to receive an estimate on a stained glass panel or window for your Denver home, church, or business. We can provide you with a piece of art that you and your loved ones can enjoy for a lifetime.


Examining Frank Lloyd Wright’s Contribution to Stained Glass Creation

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of America’s most prolific and inspiring architectural designers. But he did far more than create houses that integrated elements of the natural world seamlessly. He also contributed to the growth and popularity of residential stained glass. This type of artwork was traditionally reserved for small decorative touches around the house, but he saw more potential. Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass became works of art in their own right.

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A Closer Look at Marc Chagall As A Stained Glass Artist

Marc Chagall The Fine Artist

Many people have probably heard about the famed artist Marc Chagall.  He was a Russian-French artist and widely known as an early modernist by his critics and admirers. His body of paintings include works like

“I and the village”

Although mostly associated with the modernist movement he was interestingly enough known for several major artistic styles and created art in many different formats painting, book illustrations, stage sets, ceramic, tapestries art prints notwithstanding.

Marc Chagall The Stained Glass Master   

A prolific and amazing artist known for his exquisite used of color, Marc Chagall was also, as it happens a prolific stained glass artist.  In fact, Marc Chagall’s stained glass windows are known and loved worldwide for their beauty. Interestingly enough Chagall didn’t start working in stained glass until his 70’s–which is incredible considering the breadth and talent of his stained glass work.  But it is also no surprise either because Chagall, in all of his artwork, was so very in tune with light and color. This attention to where light would shine through his stained glass windows paired with the clever exploitation of glass properties to extract the most amazing colors–were the ingredients to his overwhelming success.  

Marc Chagall Stained Glass For Churches

Chagall did a number of church stained glass windows, in fact, he did many stained glass windows in Europe–France in particular, commissioned by quite a few churches internationally. However, his artistry was not relegated to just churches.   Although he did a wide array of church stained glass window, rich with religious iconography, he did many more “secular” windows too. Some of those windows he did for and still are here in the United States.  The series is called “America Windows” and can be viewed at the The Art Institute of Chicago. These windows are prized American art treasures as you can see by the video below.

Chigall Stained Glass In America from Denver Stained Glass on Vimeo.

Here at Denver Stained Glass have a deep passion for stained glass and stained glass masters like Marc Chagall inspire both our church and home stained glass work and restoration.  For more information on what we do or if you have stained glass questions, reach out to us today!

Beautiful Examples of Stained Glass Throughout Europe

When it comes to inspirational stained glass pieces, taking a look around the globe can really offer some beautiful examples. As the birthplace of stained glass, Europe really has some incredible, noteworthy pieces that are great for drawing inspiration for your custom stained glass project. Stained glass throughout Europe is often found within historic churches and other traditional buildings. With incredible technique and symbolic use of color, these religious stained glass pieces bring tourism from around the world. We often reference these pieces when looking for artistic inspiration.

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