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Denver's Most Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

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Welcome to Denver Stained Glass, Colorado’s Premier Stained & Leaded Glass Studio

Denver Stained Glass is the the premier stained glass studio in the Denver metropolitan area, serving all Colorado homeowners, businesses, and religious organizations. We are a locally owned and operated company that has been in business for over 25 years. We create custom stained glass windows for homes, commercial properties, and religious buildings. Known for our excellent craftsmanship and devoted customer service, our company has built a reputation as being one of the leading stained glass studios not only in the state of Colorado, but in the nation.


Truly Customized Stained Glass Windows for Denver, Colorado

We believe that real artwork is not just beautiful in appearance; it’s also unique and original. That’s why all of our stained glass windows are custom made and designed. When you partner with us, not only will you receive a unique fixture that adds elegance and privacy to your architecture, but you’ll also obtain an original piece of artwork that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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Transform Your Home’s Architecture with Denver Stained Glass

Add beauty, privacy, and brightness to any room of your home with custom stained glass windows. At Denver Stained Glass, we offer a variety of stained glass styles that are perfect for enhancing your home’s architecture. From alluring entryway stained glass sidelights and transoms to sophisticated and functional privacy stained glass for your bathroom, we can create the perfect stained glass panel for your home that will bring your family beauty and joy.

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Stunning Stained Glass Art for Denver Churches & Businesses

Whether you’re looking for an interesting way to enhance your storefront or would like to add a unique piece of artwork to the walls of your church, Denver Stained Glass can provide you with the solution you need. We are happy to partner with Denver area churches and businesses on their stained glass projects, and we can create everything from simple stained glass signs to entire multi-paneled ceilings. Our team is up to any challenge and is fully prepared to work for you!

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Proudly Serving the Denver Metro Area

Denver Stained Glass is proud to offer our services to property owners located all throughout the Denver metropolitan area. Whether you are looking for a professional who can help repair and restore the antique stained glass in your home in Cheesman Park or are seeking a company your church group can partner with on the construction of your new chapel room, we can help bring your ideas and vision to life. We serve all areas of Denver, including the neighborhoods of Congress Park, Highland, LoDo, RiNo, Englewood, Littleton, Glendale, and Aurora. We are always happy to take on new projects.


Beautiful Stained Glass Styles for your Home or Building

Our company specializes in creating custom designed stained glass. While all of our work is completely original and is designed by gifted local artists, we often incorporate elements of traditional stained glass styles into our designs. The scope of our work ranges from classic to contemporary and incorporates various aesthetics and motifs.

Contemporary: Sophisticated and elegant, contemporary stained glass is an alluring choice for any style of home. Contemporary styles of stained glass are highly versatile, which makes them easy to incorporate into any type of décor or architectural style. While there are many different design options for contemporary stained glass, among the most popular in this category include beveled glass, leaded glass, Mission, and colorless glass designs.

Traditional: Traditional stained glass styles are known for their brilliant colors and eye-catching designs. Traditional stained glass styles are often bold and striking in appearance, which makes them the perfect option for establishing a focal point in a room or highlighting a certain architectural feature. There are countless different traditional styles of stained glass, but some of the best known are Prairie, Celtic, Art Deco, Mackintosh, and Greene & Greene.

Hand-Painted: Painted portraits and landscapes look stunning when rendered in stained glass. As the sunlight filters through the varying colors and textures, the details of the painted design are brought to life and are given a very realistic look. Our artists are masters at hand-painting stained glass, and they can replicate any scene, photograph, or image with incredible accuracy.

Custom Leaded Glass Windows for Entryways, Kitchens, Bathrooms & More

We create beautiful home and building interiors in Denver with our custom leaded glass windows. Whether you’re looking for a special addition for your kitchen or are wanting to improve the appearance and functionality of your entryway, we’re here to help. Our leaded, privacy, and decorative glass windows can be used for numerous applications, from entrances and patios to living rooms, lobby rooms, bathrooms, and more.

We work with local artisans who are well-versed in creating a variety of design styles as well as various shapes and types of stained glass. Because all of our work is custom made by hand, we have the ability to build custom windows that meet virtually any specification. Visit our gallery to see examples of our work!


Receive an Estimate from Denver Stained Glass

Bring the beauty of stained glass into your life today. Contact Denver Stained Glass to receive an estimate on a stained glass panel or window for your Denver home, church, or business. We can provide you with a piece of art that you and your loved ones can enjoy for a lifetime.

3 Modern Entryway Stained Glass Ideas for Denver Homes

Stained glass windows have made a comeback in recent years. However, instead of choosing traditional styles that have a lot of color and ornate designs, homeowners are opting for more versatile, modern looks. Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite examples of modern stained glass entryways for Denver homes. Read more…

The Five Amazing Modern Stained Glass Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Stained glass is not usually thought of as something modern. When people hear the word stained glass, they usually think of windows in old churches or vintage homes like we have in this Denver. However, a wonderful resurgence of the stained glass craft is happening right now, and you can see evidence of it on social media. Instagram is one of the best places to see the amazing work stained glass artists are doing. While there are many fantastic stained glass posts on Instagram, we found five artist accounts that you absolutely must follow!

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 1







This amazing artist uses soft color combinations and simple shapes to create beautiful, ethereal stained glass wall hangings. 

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 2











This talented artist put a wonderful new spin on vintage-style stained glass. She uses bold geometric shapes and modern color choices to create gorgeous stained glass wall hangings that fit perfectly in the 21st century.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 3











Using ancient Arabic style shapes, this artist creates magical stained glass windows. His bold use of colors makes his work eye-catching and gives it a modern flare.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 4











Playful and whimsical, this artist creates lovely everyday objects out of stained glass. But her most popular items by far are these gorgeous stained glass hair combs.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 5







This company is our parent company and puts out a lot of stained glass windows, both modern and vintage. However, their most stunning work is their modern stained glass architectural installations!

Modern Stained Glass Designer in Denver

Our company has been designing stained glass for over 25 years. We are the Denver area’s number one choice for vintage or modern stained glass design. Reach out to us for a free modern stained glass design consultation today!


Featured Church Stained Glass Project: St. Edwards

We’re pleased to announce the completion of our recent custom church stained glass project at St. Edwards Church. The 15-year-old church is located in Pennsylvania and was interested in constructing a new stained glass window in place of its large existing window overlooking the main street intersection. The stained glass window project was a tribute to their former pastor and also served as a functional piece for concealing the street view during service.

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