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Denver's Most Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

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Welcome to Denver Stained Glass, Colorado’s Premier Stained & Leaded Glass Studio

Welcome to all Denver, Colorado homeowners, businesses, and religious organizations. Denver Stained Glass is the the premier stained glass studio in the Denver metropolitan area. We are a locally owned and operated company that’s been in business for over 25 years. We create custom stained glass windows for homes, commercial properties, and religious buildings. Known for our excellent craftsmanship and devoted customer service, our company has built a reputation as being one of the leading stained glass suppliers not only in the state of Colorado, but is also ranked as one of the top studios in the nation.



Truly Customized Stained Glass Windows for Denver, Colorado

We believe that real artwork is not just beautiful in appearance, it’s also unique and original. That’s why all of our stained glass windows are custom made and designed. When you partner with us, not only will you receive a unique fixture that adds elegance and privacy to your architecture, you’ll also obtain an original piece of artwork that’s one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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Transform Your Home’s Architecture with Denver Stained Glass

Add beauty, privacy, and brightness to any room of your home with custom stained glass windows. At Denver Stained Glass, we offer a variety of stained glass styles that are perfect for enhancing your home’s architecture. From alluring entryway stained glass sidelights and transoms to sophisticated and functional privacy stained glass for your bathroom, we can create the perfect stained glass panel for your home that will bring your family an immense amount
of beauty and joy.

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Stunning Stained Glass Art for Denver Churches & Businesses

Whether you’re looking for an interesting way to enhance your storefront or would like to add a unique piece of artwork to the walls of your church, Denver Stained Glass can provide you with the solution you need. We are happy to partner with Denver area churches and business on their stained glass projects and can create everything from simple stained glass signs to entire multi paneled ceilings. Our team is up to any challenge or task and is fully prepared to go to work for you!

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Proudly Serving the Denver Metro Area

Denver Stained Glass is proud to offer our services to property owners located all throughout the Denver metropolitan area. Whether you’re looking for a professional who can help repair and restore the antique stained glass in your home in Capitol Hill or Cheesman Park, or are seeking a company your church group can partner with on the construction of your new chapel room or temple, we can help bring your ideas and vision to life. We serve all areas of Denver, including the neighborhoods of Congress Park, the Highlands, LoDo, Rino, Englewood, Littleton, Glendale, Aurora, and the surrounding areas and are always happy to take on new projects.

Our Stained Glass Styles

Our company specializes in the creating custom designed stained glass. While all of our work is completely original and is designed by gifted local artists, we often incorporate elements from traditional styles of stained glass into our designs. The scope of our work ranges from classic to contemporary and incorporates various aesthetics and motifs.

Contemporary: Sophisticated and elegant, contemporary stained glass is an alluring choice for any style of home. Contemporary styles of stained glass are highly versatile, which makes them easy to incorporate into any type of decor or architectural style. While there are many different design options for contemporary stained glass, among the most popular in this category include Beveled Glass, Leaded Glass, Mission, and colorless glass designs.

Traditional: Traditional stained glass styles are known for their brilliant colors and eye-catching designs. Traditional stained glass styles are often bold and striking in appearance, which makes them the perfect option for establishing a focal point in a room or highlighting a certain architectural feature. There are countless different traditional styles of stained glass, though some of the best known are Prairie Style, Celtic, Art Deco, Mackintosh, and Greene & Greene.

Hand Painted: Painted portraits and landscapes look stunning when rendered in stained glass. As the sunlight filters through the varying colors and textures, the details and imagery of the painted design are brought to life and are given a very realistic look. Our artists are masters at hand-painting stained glass and can replicate any scene, photograph, or image with incredible accuracy.













Receive an Estimate from Denver Stained Glass

Bring the beauty of stained glass into your life and building today. Contact Denver Stained Glass to receive an estimate on a stained glass panel or window for your Denver home, church, or business. We can provide you with a piece of art that you and your loved ones can enjoy for a lifetime.


Keep the Character of Your Denver Victorian Home Intact By Restoring Stained Glass

Stained Glass in Denver Victorian Homes

Are you the owner of an older Washington Park, colloquially known as “Wash Park,” or perhaps you reside in a Victorian Home in Park Hill east of City Park? If your house features stained glass, or you are considering replacing some windows with stained glass, regular restoration work is an important part of the process. Having a professional like the long-time experts at Denver Stained Glass is crucial to proper stained glass restoration that helps expand the lifespan of these lovely artisanal works.

The Fragility and Durability of Stained Glass

While glass can be fragile, it is also an extremely durable material that can last for years and years when regular and careful care is taken, as you can see in centuries-old cathedrals and castles in Europe as well as more modern Victorian houses in Denver.

Fracturing and breakage is most often caused by physical impact. Damage may happen from one of Denver’s annual hail storms, or perhaps a poorly aimed ball thrown by a child in your neighborhood. Regular use of operable doors and windows, can also result in the need for stained glass restoration. When you open or close a stained glass door or window, the vibrations or force used can lead to natural wear and tear. Dirt and soot naturally build up, too, exacerbated by the many windy days in Denver. Stained glass is also susceptible to scratching and etching from abrasives and chemicals, so it is important to know the glass before taking any steps.

Why Consider Stained Glass Restoration?

Issues are more likely to arise when you do not know the history of workmanship or care, including the workmanship in stained glass restoration. A stained glass restoration professional will be able to deduce what measures to take based on hints like building features, dates of construction and major additions, stylistic and compositional elements, types of reinforcement and leading, artists’ inscriptions, and more. For example, round bars were used since the Middle Ages and up until the 1920s, whereas flat bars were introduced in the late 1800s and increased in commonality in modern times. Detailed considerations like these can literally make or break the stained glass restoration process.

Denver Stained Glass has been locally owned and operated for 25 years, helping Denver residents with stained glass projects of all kinds. Contact us today for a consultation with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members. We’re happy to help with stained glass restoration projects of all shapes and sizes!

Exploring Beautiful Stained Glass Churches in Singapore

Stained Glass Windows Around The World

When you imagine stained glass you likely see it as living in the many churches across Europe and the US.  Or possibly in vintage homes around this country like Ireland, France, and England. That is understandable since stained glass originated in Europe and then eventually spread the US.  However, stained glass is neither European or American exclusively. In actuality, stained glass spread from Europe all across the world including places like Russia, South America, and even the Asia.  One country where stained glass thrives and whose windows rival any others in the world is Singapore. There we see towering stained glass windows in exquisite chapels and cathedrals of all denominations. This stained glass is as colorful and lively as any we see here in the States or Europe–and something to cherish just the same.  That’s right, the stained glass in Singapore is amazing! So much so, we have taken the time to list some of our favorite examples from the myriad and magnificent Singapore stained glass window marvels.

Denver Stained Glass Denver’s Favorite Singapore Stained Glass Examples


Stained Glass Windows In The Blessed Sacrament Church


The stained glass windows in this stunning church Founded in 1958 are a sight to behold!  In fact, the entire church has conservation status, protecting its iconic slate roof and stained glass from being lost to time.  


Stained Glass Windows In The Church Of Saints Peter And Paul


One of the oldest Catholic churches in Singapore, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul is in a lovely Neo-Gothic style and breathtaking stained glass windows to match its vaulted ceilings.  The church was newly restored, assuring these lovely stained glass windows are around for the next generation


Stained Glass Windows In the church OF Saint Teresa

The church of Saint Teresa is set atop a little hill on Kampong Bahru Road and is almost 100 years old. It’s Beautiful stained glass windows are set within triple arches on the sides of the church giving the entire sanctuary and ethereal look.  This stained glass is truly out of this world!


Denver Stained Glass For Staind Glass Windows In Denver

If you have any questions about these stained glass windows or are interested in stained glass for your Denver church or home, contact us at Denver Stained Glass for pricing and design options today!


Learning How to Interpret Church Stained Glass Biblical Messages

While it may seem as though the powerful biblical messaging found within many stained glass pieces may be simplistic in nature often showcasing biblical figures, passages from the Bible, and biblical scenes, there’s actually even more symbolism that can found within the colors used. There are also many hidden symbols that represent powerful messages that can be found within Medieval stained glass windows.
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