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Denver's Most Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

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Family Crest Stained Glass in Denver Can Be an Instant Heirloom Gift for Your Family

Many people own heirlooms or antiques that have been passed down through several generations of their family. Given to them by someone they love dearly such as their parents or grandparents, these items are usually treasured by their owners. Many people eagerly await the moment that they can pass on their precious heirloom to their children and thereby do their part to keep their family tradition alive.
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Boulderado Ceiling Stained Glass Repair & Restoration

At Scottish Stained Glass, when it comes to stained glass repair and restoration, we put forth our best effort into preserving as much of the original glass as possible. We work with care and thoughtfulness to replace damaged pieces so that the stained glass maintains its original appearance and shows its true beauty for years to come. Read more…

Why Custom Stained Glass for Your Denver Home is Far Superior to Mass Produced Glass

Are you considering installing stained glass for your home’s entryway, kitchen, or bathroom? Before you get in you car and drive to the nearest hardware store to begin your renovations, you many want to reconsider where you’re getting your product from. Oftentimes, the stained glass found in home improvement stores is mass produced, and generally not a very high quality product. Here are some reasons you may want to consider opting for custom stained glass for your Denver home: Read more…